Dr. Bettina Joyce P. Ilagan

Dean, Graduate School and Open Learning College
Key Officials
GSOLC Secretary
Learning Center Coordinator (WCM)
Prof. Carmen A. Batiles
GSOLC Registrar
Property Custodian
Ms. Rocellie R. Sanchez
Open Learning Center CoordinatorProf. Ma. Veronica P. Pe帽aflorida
Program and Research Coordinator (CEIT)
Learning Center Coordinator (WPU)
Dr. Edwin R. Arboleda
Extension Coordinator (CEIT)Prof. Jose Carlo Dizon
Program Coordinator, MSFS (CAFENR)Dr. Eufemio G. Barcelon
Program Coordinator, MS AGRI/PHD AGRI (CAFENR)Dr. Cristina F. Olo
Program Coordinator, M AGRI (CAFENR)
Learning Center Coordinator, QNAS
Dr. Venus O. Saz
Research Coordinator (CAFENR)Dr. Mariedel M. Autriz
Extension Coordinator (CAFENR)/ Learning Center Coordinator, OMSCDr. Adolfo C. Manuel Jr.
Program Coordinator, PHD EDUC (CED)Dr. Jake Raymund F. Fabregar
Program Coordinator MAED
Research Coordinator (CED)
Dr. Liza C. Costa
Extension Coordinator (CED)Prof. Rosal Concepcion
Program Coordinator (CAS)Dr. Arleen C. Panaligan
Research/ Extension Coordinator (CAS)Dr. Fatima I. Cruzada
Program Coordinator MPS (CEMDS)Dr. Jo-Anne C. Nuestro
Research Coordinator MPS (CEMDS)Dr. Glenda S. Pe帽a
Program Coordinator PhD MNGT, MM, MBA (CEMDS)Dr. Florindo S. llagan
Research Coordinator PhD MNGT, MM, MBA (CEMDS)Dr. Rowena R. Noceda
Learning Center Coordinator, 麻豆传媒高清 Cavite CityProf. Maria Cristina J. Baesa
Learning Center Coordinator, 麻豆传媒高清 CarmonaDr. Cristina M. Signo
Learning Center Coordinator, 麻豆传媒高清 ImusDr. Alfe M. Solina
Learning Center Coordinator, 麻豆传媒高清 SilangDr. Jocelyn L. Reyes
Learning Center Coordinator, 麻豆传媒高清 NaicProf. John Xavier Nepomuceno
Learning Center Coordinator, MSCDr. Elizabeth E. Polinga
Research Coordinator, WCMDr. Roselyn A. Ymana
Assistant Registrar, GSOLC
In-charge. Reading Room
GAD Coordinator
Ms. Joan Joy F. Liboon
Budget Officer
Office Clerk
Mr. Marlon Jim A. Ramos
In-Charge, Management Information System and Public Information Officer
SIKAP Focal Person
Mr. Rhyan Lawrence U. Matienzo

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