College Mission

The College shall provide excellent, equitable and relevant educational opportunities in agriculture and natural resource management through quality instruction and responsive research and development activities. It shall produce knowledgeable, skilled, technologically advanced, just and moral graduates.

College Goals

The College aims to:

  1. Produce technically competent and scientifically oriented graduates who are imbued with strong entrepreneurial spirit possess strong social consciousness, and guided by positive values and high ethical standards;
  2. Conduct relevant research and development activities along agriculture, food, environment 聽and natural resource management;
  3. Implement effective training and outreach programs that emphasize self-help, critical thinking and life-long learning;
  4. Manage agricultural enterprises, projects and technology incubators to promote economically viable and environment- friendly approaches and techniques; and
  5. Establish strong linkage with non-governmental organizations, other government entities and the community for the realization of the common goals.