College Vision

The College of Nursing of Cavite State University envisions being one of the nation鈥檚 leading nursing institutions in providing excellent instruction and opportunities for research, practice, and service.


College Mission

The mission of College of Nursing is to educate students, advance the discipline of nursing through research, provide service that is responsive to the health care needs of the public, and demonstrate local, national and international leadership for the profession.


College Goals

The College of Nursing shall endeavor to achieve the following goals:

  1. produce technically and scientifically oriented graduate imbued with a deep sense of professionalism, possess strong social consciousness, and guided by positive values and high ethical standard;
  2. conduct evidence-based research and extension services towards the provision of safe, holistic and quality nursing care;
  3. implement effective training and outreach programs that emphasize self-help; critical thinking and lifelong learning; and
  4. establish strong linkage with non-governmental organization, other government entities and the community at large for the realization of the common goals.